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1 hour Clay Studio Practice Sessions | 4pm-6pm | Sun July 14, 2019

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Your self directed studio time! 

Want to continue your practice without the expensive set up costs involved with getting a wheel, kiln and renting a full studio space? Clay Studio sessions are for you and available and ongoing to all students who have completed at least one 6 week course at the Torquay Studio.

Please do not book if you you have not completed a full 6 week course with us, instead book a 6 week course and once complete book your studio sessions. 

These are self practice sessions, no tuition is provided. We encourage a mix of studio practice with advanced courses coming in the future as our Clay Studio community grows

Firstly the basic studio rules...

  • Don't touch other people tools or work without their permission
  • Keep your space and community space spotless 
  • Keep to your allocated time or rebook before your session runs out. 
  • Keep the walkways clear of work and the communal table free for hand building.
  • All payments for bookings, clay, tools, shelf space and firing must be paid in advance where listed online or at the session with cash or paypal, strictly no IOU's
  • Respect the space, fellow students and the studio assistants. 


Clay studio session are available to book online in 1 hour blocks, 1 hour is suitable for trimming a few pieces from a previous throwing session but for a throwing session it is recommended you book in 2 hours at a time to help you complete your project. Managing you time and projects is part of the process, building a good work flow and your practice. 

Being in the studio is considered studio time, this means using the wheel, clean up sinks, hand building table etc. Any part of 1 hour is considered a full one hour block and you will need to

a) first make sure the time slot is available online

b) pay for the session by booking online, plan ahead or bring your phone to make last minute bookings where available. 

c) notify your studio assistant 

Managing your time and work.

  • You are responsible for managing your own time in the sessions with wheel and bench area cleaned and vacated at least 5 minutes prior to your booking ending. Bookings are taken online and there is a sign in and sign out sheet for each session at the studio. 
  • You are responsible for taking your work and tools home with you (BYO box, crate for finished pieces and bucket for recycle clay etc.) or hire a box on the student shelves provided here 

If you require more time you can book any available sessions from your phone and notify the person in charge of your extended booking. Please note that the maximum period is 2 hours and there may no availability if the sessions are booked out. If there are no sessions available online your session will have to finish on time for the next student who has booked in, so plan ahead.

Need clay, tools, firing, storage? See your studio assistant to...

  • Purchase clay at $25 a bag for Keane 33 (more clays can be ordered in advance upon request), or BYO must be stoneware firing temp 1280-1300 bring bag to show studio attendant before using in studio.
  • Purchase basic tool kits at $20 or BYO your tools, do not touch/use studio equipment other than the wheels and hand building table.
  • Weigh your work, Firing service $10 per kg bisque and $10 per kg glaze, firing only, no glaze included - glazes can be purchased from recommended suppliers below. Slab plates and tiles will be charged at a higher rate depending on the space they take up in the kiln. 
  • Purchase assigned shelf space (1 box space, $50 per month) or take your work home at the end of each session. 

Firing and Glazing

Basic white and clear studio glazes will be supplied with the glazing fee. Students will use their own coloured glazes, underglazes, pencils etc, this is part of defining your own work and practice, enjoy experimenting but make sure your glazes and underglazes are stoneware safe with a firing range 1280-1300  - see links for suppliers below

* Hot tip, Glazing as with your hand building work can be done in booked studio time or at home and brought in for firing. 

Recommended Suppliers

Keane Ceramics Walkers , Northcote Pottery and Pottery Supplies Online are just a few for tools, clay, glazes and underglazes. Please note that all clay and glazes used must have a firing temp to 1280-1300.

The studio has the right to refuse firing any work deemed unsafe for kilns. 

The studio has the right to charge fees for any repairs required to kilns damaged by student work. 

  • no work thicker than 1 inch and must be thoroughly dry
  • no glaze on/or close to the base of work
  • no excessive thick application of glaze without adequete glaze catcher ( a self made bisque 'glaze catcher' plate or bowl fired with the work to catch glaze) 


What should I bring?

  • Wear comfortable clothes you don't mind getting clay on apron/ smock or large over-shirt is a good idea. 
  • Bring an old towel to keep yourself and hand clean and clean up your space. 
  • Tools, bushes, clay and glazes, open container for tool storage, box for transporting pieces to and from the studio. 
  • basically anything you want to use for your practice

Im so excited to be able to offer open studio time to students and look forward to seeing your practice expand.

Please respect the studio rules and note the studio has the right to change the rules and refuse bookings without reason. 

Refunds & Cancellations

Strictly no refunds for cancellations. Your purchase is acceptance of these terms. On the rare occasion we have to cancel a class we will refund in full and issue an email asap. 


Class sold out or have any questions? email to be added to a waiting list and we'll also answer any queries :)

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