Mountain Vase | Reclaim Glaze #001

A small mountain shaped vase featuring our reclaim mystery glaze. 

At the studio we are mindful of our impact on the world around us. Clay is recycled and our glaze runoff is saved from going into our waterways by pre rinsing glaze buckets and jugs and reusing in the Reclaim Collection. Read about the mystery glaze on our blog

    Handmade with love in Torquay, Victoria.

    Size: H 10cm x W 9cm (measurements are approximate as every product is handmade so sizes vary)

    • Hand thrown, high fired, ceramic stoneware
    • Do not expose to thermal shock (drastic changes in temperature hot-cold)

    Image shows the style and colour of this item. The exact item shipped to you will vary slightly in size and pattern markings, revealing the handmade nature of this product. 

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