Pottery Classes and Workshops

Love what we do at Takeawei but want to make your own? Practice makes perfect pots and half the fun is getting there. Take one of our regular pottery classes or courses and find out why clay is so addictive. 

What Class Should I Choose? 
Most of our classes suit beginners and intermediate potters to those more experienced who are looking for some more wheel time. We give you tips for your skill level to develop your practice. Here is a basic run down of classes on offer…

beginners 2 hour class - held on weekend and weekday evenings. Are great for someone who has never even touched a wheel before, those that want to get back on the wheel after a hiatus. You will learn centring clay, throwing a basic cylinder removing your piece from the wheel as well as tips and tricks to help with any individual practice questions. 

2 day wheel - step it up a notch with 2 days of clay. Suits beginners to intermediate or those that just want some wheel time . Day 1 learn and practice centring and  throwing techniques. Day two learn trimming, add handles, feet and decorative elements to your work and choose from a range of our colourful studio glazes. 
4 week wheel -  4 sessions over 4 weeks of throwing and trimming, work is fired in a choice of our colourful studio glazes 
6 week wheel - more of the above! 6 sessions over 6 weeks of throwing and trimming, in the last session you will learn about glazing and glaze your own work in a choice of our colourful studio glazes 

mug making - suitable for beginners up,  handbuilding class where you make 2 mugs 

platter making - suitable for beginners up,  handbuilding class where you make 1 platter 

Our Studio

Our pottery studio is a fully equiped space where we make our Takeawei ceramics and depending on the class you will have access to pottery wheels, slab roller, hand extruder and kilns. We offer a range of classes for beginners to intermediate and social classes that suit all levels and focus on more specialised techniques.  We are located at the picturesque Ashmore Arts in Torquay, Surf Coast of Victoria. Pottery classes in Torquay are a great escape for a day or weekend away from the city, only 30 minutes from Geelong and 1hour 30 minutes from Melbourne.