Thankyou so much for supporting Takeawei it has been a pleasure making pieces for you.

If you have followed Takeawei for any amount of time you may have noticed us join the sale bandwagon recently and maybe been a little surprised?…it’s not something I take lightly or would normally do. I consider each piece a labour of love, handmade, limited in number and thankfully we have trouble keeping up with demand… but this coming year is a little different.

Im downsizing Takeawei to take some much needed time out and focus on family. This means I will be closing the Gertrude street store and the Airbnb ‘Gertrude’s Apartment’, our last day planned for January 15th 2023. The online store will also not be selling a full range of ceramics from this date. 

If you are after any Takeawei pieces, please take advantage of the sale before the store closes. If you have gift cards and want to buy ceramics, blankets, clothing etc. now is the time while the best selection available. If you have a voucher and wish to use it for a class, rest easy, they will continue so check out the current classes available or book later in the year. 

Where one door closes another one opens…

We will continue to run classes at the Torquay studio, with Anabelle Stonehouse teaching and I’m excited to see our class offering expand this year as we open up more of the studio space for class use - we are also looking at offering a local firing service…more on that very soon. We will also continue taking residential and commercial custom orders for Takeawei pendant lighting, we have some stock of these ready to glaze and we work with local potter Andrew Allen to create this collection. You can place orders for lighting on our website. 

As sad as I am to step back from making collections for Takeawei I’m also beyond excited to be meeting our newest family member in Feb, I’ll be taking some time out to focus on all the wonderful baby snuggles and just making things as simple as they can be to enjoy this time.
I hope to be back creating more limited collections of my ceramic pieces some time in the future. Unfortunately I can’t plan too far ahead, stepping back from making at the moment is not entirely by choice. I have lost the grip in my hands due to pregnancy related de Quervain tenosynovitis. It basically means I can’t make a closed fist or grab things properly which is really annoying when you are trying to change a nappy or make pottery. 
Its hard to believe it has been 10 years since I started Takeawei, in 2013 I had no idea it would be what it is today. Thankyou to everyone who has contributed to creating something beautiful; staff, retailers, collaborators and individual customers your support means the world. It makes me so happy to reflect and know that my pieces are loved, used and held in so many hands and homes.

We are currently on sale online and the store reopens for in person sales 3rd January 2023 - 15th January 2023 (closed Mondays) for instore purchases and sending out your online orders. 

Here’s to new beginnings. I hope your new year is good to you and brings a little extra wonder and beauty.
x Chela 
photo: Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd