Yay for Spring! We're nurturing our seedlings for the veggie patch and high-fiving over the new growth on the indoor plants. Chela has been feeling the positive vibrations and a rainbow of new planters are ready – sweet!

Check out the new glazes in our 12cm planter, designed to fit a 10cm nursery pot. It's perfect for a peace lily, boston fern and mother in law's tongue and is available for $98 or with a drainage hole and base at $150.

If you really want to treat yourself and jazz up the monstera, orchid or fiddle leaf fig in your collection, there's the 19cm planter – this a statement piece! 

The $55 hanging planters will liven up your string of pearls in the bathroom or devil's ivy on the veranda. It's now available in a larger 12cm hanging planter size as well.

The small bowls are also great as a gift at $48 and perfect for the little plants on your windowsill.

Check out the full range of planters here.

A special thanks to Arizona Living in Jan Juc for allowing us to photograph in their store. If you live locally, drop by to see their Takeawei range.

Enjoy your gardening and the sunshine!